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Reviewed on Jun 11, 2014

Toshiba L3400U

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This tv has been discontinued.

The Toshiba L3400U LED TV is a smart TV, but it is the most limited that we have seen. The picture quality is great for the price, with the exception of a significant amount of motion blur.

  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • Few reflections, so you can also use it in a relatively bright room.
  • Colors out of the box were off. Calibration fixed most of the issues.
  • Significant amount of motion blur. This TV isn't good for sports or video games (although the input lag was very low).
  • Very limited smart TV features. The TV practically only has YouTube and Netflix on it, and no web browser.

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The smart TV interface is pretty useless, so unless you only plan on using Netflix, get the cheaper Toshiba L1400U instead. The picture quality is very similar, although the uniformity is a bit better on the Toshiba L3400U.

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Questions & Answers

How do you connect the WiFi to the tv?
Under the Network tab.
On, they mentioned this TV as being 60Hz, but you mentioned it as being 120Hz. So which is true?
This TV's native refresh rate is 60Hz.
I just bought and hooked up a 50L3400U and was wondering if you have recommended calibration settings for it.
We shared our calibration settings for the 3400U on the third page of the review. You can find them here.
Can Smart TV concerns be corrected with a software update from Toshiba?
It is very rare that TV manufacturers will update software more than just to correct a few bugs, so do not hope for it. Instead, you could buy a Roku/Apple TV/Chromecast to fully meet your smart TV needs.
I am confused about this TV's input lag. This Toshiba L3400U's lag (30.1 ms) is nearly same as the Sony W600b (33.9 ms). Why did you say the L3400U is not good for gaming but the Sony w600b is good for gaming?
Because the Toshiba L3400U has a lot more motion blur, which is also an important aspect for gaming.
I purchased the Toshiba 50L3400U from QVC for my wife in November 2014, and all of the add-ons (Netflix, YouTube etc.) stopped working after just eight months.
When I called Toshiba, they just said I could have purchased a warranty from them to help with this problem. Are they kidding or what?!
Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. I will NEVER buy another Toshiba product again! Thank you.
That's certainly discouraging. Unfortunately, if Toshiba's apps are no longer supported, the only option would be to add a separate streaming device.
Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku are a few of the options you can use.
In your review, you stated that the 40" Toshiba L3400U does not have motion blur of as good of a quality for video games as the 40" Sony W600B, but the Toshiba is 120Hz and the Sony is 60Hz. How is this possible?
The refresh rate is not an indication of motion blur given the same input frame rate, even if marketing wants you to believe otherwise. Check out our full article on this issue.
So a DVI to HDMI Connection won't achieve audio connectivity?
DVI stands for "digital video interface," and does not carry any audio signal. You would need to use a different cable to output the audio from the source to headphones or an audio receiver (connected to speakers), as it does not appear to be possible for this TV to receive a separate audio input to the same input # as your HDMI connection.
I have just purchased this tv and looking for a minimal stand for it, as it will be in a small space. Do you know the measurements for the stand on this unit?
We did not take measurements of the stand when we reviewed the TV, but the table we tested it on is about 30 inches wide and it fit with room to spare.
After checking the specs on this TV, it states that there is a refresh rate of 120Hz. In answer to another question, you stated that it has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Will you please clarify? Thank you.
Manufacturers often falsely advertise the refresh rate. See our full article on this for more info.
Do you know why this TV (40L3400U) has been discontinued?
It could be thanks to lack of sales. Manufacturers often readjust their lineup during the year, depending on the market.
I'm trying to get my computer's audio to work with my 40L3400U and it won't work, any advice on making an audio connection?
Using an HDMI cable should let your TV play both video and audio from your computer. If it does not work, try going into your computer's audio settings and making sure your TV is enabled as the device for playing audio. With Windows, you can find this in Control Panel-> Hardware & Sound -> Manage Audio Devices. Just select the HDMI connection. With OSX, just Option+Click the sound icon in the top right corner, and then select the appropriate option.
I can't turn on my DTS.
First, try using all of our settings and see if that will let you enable DTS. If that doesn't work, try using the various picture modes and see if the option opens up with one of them. Feel free to email us if the issue persists.
Where is the power button?
It's on the left side of the TV.
Please help! Ok, straight up! What headphones can I use fror my Toshiba 40/50l3400u tv? Also, do I need cables? Thanks in advance.
Almost none will work straight up. The only audio output this TV has is digital optical, and headphones supporting this are very rare. You will need to buy a DAC/Amp, that converts from digital optical to analog, and then any wired headphones will work.
My 50L3400U Toshiba TV is displays RETAIL LOCK when I try and use my remote?
To remove the 'Retail Lock', on your remote, press 1, 2, 3, 4.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.