LG 2017 TVs

Over the past year, we've reviewed 14 2016 LG TVs. We have reviewed the Three most popular OLED TVs they've released in 2016 as well. New models have been announced for 2017 so look forward to our reviews in the coming months. We will continuously update this page as new models are announced.


  • 04/14/2017 LG C7 reviewed
  • 01/04/2017 2017 models announced
  • 11/25/2016 LG UH6550 reviewed
  • 11/18/2016 LG UH6150 reviewed
  • 11/04/2016 LG UH5500 reviewed
  • 10/14/2016 LG C6 reviewed
  • 10/07/2016 LG UH9500 reviewed
  • 10/05/2016 LG UH6500 reviewed
  • 09/30/2016 LG LH5000 reviewed
  • 09/23/2016 LG LH5700 reviewed
  • 07/29/2016 LG UH6100 reviewed
  • 07/20/2016 LG B6 reviewed
  • 07/08/2016 LG LH5750 reviewed
  • 06/17/2016 LG E6 reviewed
  • 03/30/2016 LG UH7700 reviewed
  • 02/26/2016 LG UH8500 reviewed

Compared to other brands

  • OLED. The only company to have OLED offerings in the US. These TVs have by far the best picture quality.
  • Great Viewing angles. Both their LED and OLED TVs generally have excellent viewing angles.
  • Great Smart Platform. LG’s WebOS 3.0 is our favorite smart platform for 2016. It’s fully featured, fast and intuitive.
  • Poor contrast. As a trade-off for the wide viewing angles, LG TVs often have poor contrast and blacks. Their OLEDs are an exception, though.
  • Poor gray uniformity. LG’s TVs have scored very poorly in our gray uniformity tests this year. This affects their picture quality ratings quite a bit.
  • Poor Value. Their products are often weirdly placed in comparison to their competition and are consequently rarely recommended by us.

It’s hard to recommend LG’s TVs. Their flagship OLED TVs (see OLED vs. LED) are above everyone else, but anything lower end usually doesn’t compare to the competition in their respective range. They do have an excellent smart platform.

LG’s Lineup – Description and Reviews


LG changed their nomenclature for 2017; Their current LCD lineup starts with SJ, and their OLEDs each have a specific letter (B,C,E,G,W) followed by 7.


LG has a large lineup that covers everything from both extremes, from the very cheap and small lower resolution TVs to the very high end with their OLEDs. First Letter corresponds to the resolution of the TV, the second letter in their model numbers correspond to the year of release and usually the higher the number, the higher the price range.

  • *H = 2016
  • *F = 2015
  • U* = 4k
  • L* = 1080p or below.

For example:

  • UH8500 = 2016 High-end 4K TV
  • LF5500 = 2015 Low-end HDTV

2017 Models

LG's just announced their high-end lineup at CES 2017. It consists of 3 LCD TV models as well as 5 OLED models.

OLED Series

Very similar to last year's, but none of them are curved or have 3D. All of them will have the same picture quality.

55" 65"

OLED, exceptional contrast and overall picture quality. Brightness is better than last year, but the design is very similar. Limited distribution.

LG C7 Design
55" 65"

Entry level OLED TV for 2017. Very similar in performance to LG B6.

55" 65"

Same picture quality as the entry-level versions, but has a glass design and sits atop a soundbar for better audio.

65" 77"

Glass design with a larger articulated sound system. Available in a larger 77" size.

65" 77"

Wallpaper-style TV that has to be wall mounted. Comes with high-end soundbar where all the inputs are located

SJ Series

IPS LCD TVs, very similar visually to previous year models. All of the models showcased are edge-lit.

65" 86"

LG's most expensive LED offering, supports 4 types of HDR and has a wide viewing angle. Available in a very large 86 inch size. Expect similar performance to 2016's UH9500.

55" 65" 75"

Pretty much the same as the SJ9500, but with a thicker more simplistic design.

55" 65"

RGBW style pixel arrangement. Similar in design to the SJ8500.

2016 Models

We’re reaching the end of the year, and LG released most of their products. Their OLED TVs just like last year are the best thing available, and they’ve been updated with higher peak brightness to better support HDR.

OLED Series

LG’s OLED TVs have a different but very simple nomenclature. They’re a letter followed by 6. They're pretty much the best TVs in stores right now.

LG B6 Design
55" 65"

OLED, exceptional contrast and overall picture quality but not the brightest TV out there.

LG C6 Design
55" 65"

Same thing as the B6 but curved.

LG E6 Design
55" 65"

Very similar to the B6 but with a better design and better audio.

65" 77"

Even nicer design and audio, but essentially the same picture quality as the other OLED models. Available in a larger size.

UH Series

These are LG's 4k LED TVs, Some of them support HDR10, Dolby Vision or both.

LG UH9500 Design
65" 86"

Highest end LED TV LG makes. Great viewing angles but contrast and uniformity are poor. 

LG UH8500 Design
55" 60" 65" 75"

Very similar to the UH9500, but available in smaller sizes.

LG UH7700 Design
55" 60" 65"

Not much different than the higher end models but performs slightly worse in most aspects. 

LG UH6550 Design
55" 60" 65"

Doesn't support Dolby vision but has HDR10 with a wide color gamut. Only supports up to 60hz refresh rate.

LG UH6500 Design
43" 49"

Very similar to the UH6100 but with slightly wider color gamut and different design.

LG UH6150 Design
55" 60" 65"

Supports HDR10 signal but doesn't have a wide color gamut. Pixel structure makes this less sharp than other 4k TVs.

LG UH6100 Design
43" 49"

Pretty much the same as the UH6150 but available in smaller sizes.

LG UH5500 Design
50" 65"

Budget TV with decent picture quality in a dark room, pretty dim, though.

LH Series

These are LG's 1080p TVs for 2016.

LG LH5750 Design

Average TV, 1080p with great Smart Platform. Has narrow viewing angles.

LG LH5700 Design
43" 49"

Average TV. 1080p with poor dark room performance.

32" 43"

Smaller Smart TV, 1080p except for the 32".


Basic 1080p LED TV with no smart features.

LG LH5000 Design

Same as the LH5500 but without smart features.

2015 Models

OLED series

While this year's OLED TVs are better than the ones from last year, the 2015 models are still excellent TVs, as long as you find them at a good price.

LG EG9600 Design
55" 65"

Same as EF9500 but curved. Not any cheaper than the newer C6 though.

LG EF9500 Design
55" 65"

Great TV but unfortunately is the same price as the newer B6.

LG EG9100 Design

Very similar in performance to the 4k OLED models but limited to 1080p. It has dropped quite a bit in price.

UF series

LG's 4k offerings from last year, they're quite similar to this year's TV's but don't have good picture quality. Uniformity is particularly bad on most of these.

LG UF9500 Design
65" 79"

LG's highest-end LED model. Very bad black and gray uniformity, but great viewing angles.

LG UF8500 Design
60" 65"

Same as the higher end UF9500 but with a different design and slightly less input lag.

LG UF7700 Design
60" 65" 70" 79"

Same as the UF8500, but without 3D and with a cheaper design.

LG UF7600 Design
43" 49" 55"

Not a good TV. Terrible contrast, the worst we've ever tested on a 4k TV. Otherwise performs similarly to the other LG LED TVs.

LF series

Some of LG's 2015 1080p TVs have better picture quality than the higher end 4k TVs. They still aren't the best out there, however.  

LG LF6300 Design
40" 43" 49" 55" 60" 65"

Wide viewing angle like most LG LED TVs but also poor contrast and uniformity. Only 60hz. Does have the great WebOS smart platform.

LG LF6100 Design
50" 55" 60"

While it loses WebOS, It offers better picture quality than the LF6300, albeit losing the wide viewing angles.

LG LF6100 Design
50" 55" 60"

Pretty much a cheaper version of the LF6100 but with worse motion and less HDMI inputs.

LG LF5800 Design

With the even cheaper LF5800, you fall back to LG's usual of wide viewing angles but bad uniformity.

LG LF5600 Design
32" 42"

The LF5600 is a basic TV and a pretty bad one at that. It fails to upscale 480p and 720p content properly and has poor contrast and uniformity.

LG LF5500 Design

Not much different compared to the LF5500, just available in a different size.

Discontinued Models


  • LB5600 (32", 39", 42"): Not good value. Bad picture quality. See our review.
  • LB5800 (32", 42", 47", 49"): Larger sizes, better blacks and is a smart TV, but picture quality is still pretty poor. See our review.
  • LB5900 (47", 50", 55", 60"): Loses smart functionality, but available in larger sizes. Otherwise the same. See our review.
  • LB6300 (42", 47", 50", 55", 60", 65"): Essentially the same picture quality as the other models but available in a wide variety of sizes, also has the excellent WebOS smart platform. See our review.
  • EC9300 (55"): Excellent picture quality and motion, great TV overall. Also uses the very good WebOS platform. See our review.


While LG has the best TVs out there with their OLEDs, their other models aren’t that easy to recommend. If you only plan to use the TVs in brighter rooms and often watch it from the sides, however, they are pretty good.

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Questions & Answers

Will you guys be reviewing LG 50UF8300? Trying to get an idea of input lag and generally where this TV fits in the lineup. There are absolutely no reviews available for this tv.
Unfortunately, we don't have any plan to review this TV. We might if we get enough requests though.
When will you review the UF6450? Which TV is it most comparable too?
It should be the same, or very similar to the UF6400 that we will review in a week or two.
Request for a review for 50UF8300 and 58UF8300
Thank you for your interest. We still don't have plan to review those but we take note of all the requests.
I saw the LG 55UH6090 at Walmart on sale for $698. It is a 4K television but I am trying to figure out if it is LG's "4K" or the actual UHD. What do you know about this television and which one is it most similar to?
We don't have much information about the UH6090 at the moment. In the next month we will be reviewing the LG 55UH6150, which will be most similar. To find out if it is actually 4k, you can take a photo of the pixels with the camera positioned on the screen. If you can see white pixels between the normal red, blue and green pixels then it is not real 4k.
Will the LG 55LB5900 be reviewed?
Not the 55", but we will test the 47" LB5900 in a few weeks.
Update: Our review of the LB5900 is out.
Why does Samsung's picture quality look so much better than LG's? Can one make any adjustments to improve LG picture quality?
It is because Samsung TVs have 3-5 times the contrast ratio of LG TVs. The contrast is the biggest component of picture quality. You can't change settings to improve that, unfortunately. LG uses IPS panels in their TVs. While it is great for the viewing angle, it isn't for the contrast.
When will the LB line be reviewed?
Our first review should be out in about 1-2 weeks.
Plans to review the UF6800? Is this a brand new model?
It was announced later in the year. We'll likely review it in October.
Are you going to review an LG Oled TV?
Yes, likely sometime later this year.
Can you please let me know the difference between LA and LB models? For example, is 47LA660 newer or older than 47LB679V? And what do the LA and LB indicate?
LA = 2013, LB = 2014. Usually, they have the same panel and picture quality. Only the bezel and software are different.
Are you still planning to review the LG 55UB8500?
No. We won't have time to review that one before the new 2015 models are out.
Why haven't you reviewed LG 55EC9300?
We still have a couple of LED TVs left on our to-do list, but we do plan on reviewing an OLED TV sometime in August. We haven't done OLED TVs yet because they're much less popular than LED at the moment. We'll note your interest in this particular model.
Will you be reviewing the 50UF8300? I'm interested in it but I don't see any reviews online.
No, unfortunately this isn't in our plan for now but we take note of your request.
Will you be reviewing the LG 60UF8300? Specs look great, but would like to see your trusted review first.
We don't have any plan to review that one currently, but we might consider it if we get enough requests for it.
Can you review the 50UF8300 or at least include the series in the LG comparison chart at the top of this page? It looks to be one of the better LG TVs this year, but it is only sold by a few retailers.
If we get enough requests for it, we will review it. But for now, it isn't on our schedule.
When will you be reviewing OLEDs?
Great site!
We'll be buying an OLED TV later this month, so we should have a review of one up by the end of August, beginning of September.
I would like to request the review for 50UF8300. Would be nice to see if there is any improvements for the LG ColorPrime 4k TVs.
It isn't currently on our schedule, but we might get to it if enough people request it.
Do you know if the 70LB7100 has an IPS panel or not? I just got mine and the blacks appear very good at night. But the main problem is the global dimming that makes the TV strobe the brightness back and forth as it changes from very dark to brighter shots. Have you seen this problem in your previous reviews?
There is no 70" IPS panel on the market. Does your global dimming issue appear with every picture mode? All LG TVs that we tested didn't exhibit that issue, but it could be because we haven't tested a series seven yet.
This is just to add another request to review the LG 65LF9500 OLED. I'm indeed looking forward your upcoming 55EC9300 review just to get a sense of how OLED in general fares with your tests. However, compared the 65/55 EF9500 the EC9300 is 1) Full HD, so won't have an idea of how well LG's 4K upscaling works, 2) curved not flat, 3) already being replaced by the just announced 55EG9100. 4) has No HDR capability.
Keep up the great work!
Indeed. It will also be interesting to see if LG has reduced the flaws of OLED on the new models.
Update: The review of the EG9100 and EF9500 are up.
Request for a review for 58UF8300.
Thank you for your suggestion. We added it to our requests but since we are now preparing to review the new 2016 TVs, it would be surprising to find time for the LG UF8300.
Are you planning to review LG's new low-cost UH6550? I realize it's an IPS panel, with RGBW + new algorithm. So it may not be as sharp with some black issues. I want to see if it's a good value @ $2999. Thanks
We have plans to review the UH6550, however due to time constraints it will be reviewed in the coming months.
Your opinion is that the picture quality of the LGs aren't as good, nor is the contrast ratio as good as the competition. However, I have tested an LG 70LB7100 and Sony 70W850b and I can not get the picture to "pop" on the Sony as well as I could with the LG. Even in vivid mode, the blacks looked grey and bright whites were not bright enough. It's as if they restricted how bright the whites could get. The picture quality and lack of artifacts were good on the Sony, but the picture "popped" more on the LG.
The 70LB7100 is an exception, because it doesn't have an LG IPS panel inside (contrary to most LG TVs). Therefore, its contrast ratio is significantly higher than other LG TVs.
I've have been looking for the review of the LG 50UF8300, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Will you be reviewing it, and have you already done some research on it? What is your opinion? (Also, I'd like to thank you for this site, very helpful!)
It doesn't seem to be widely available (Amazon has it, but only through a third-party seller, and Best Buy doesn't have it at all), so we won't be reviewing it. We expect it's a VA TV, so good contrast, but a narrow viewing angle. Beyond that we really can't speculate.
Just in all fairness you haven't reviewed the high end LG's, the UF8500 and UF9500. Your reviews are incredibly good, you may just want to mention that in your list of LG high-end recommendations. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
That's a great point. We've updated the article to mention that. Thanks!
Does the LG 55UH6150 have a 120Hz refresh rate?
We don't know yet but we are planing to review this model in 2 to 3 months. As with other LG TVs advertised as 'TruMotion 120Hz', we expect this TV to have a true refresh rate of 60Hz. You can read more about fake refresh rate here.
Costco has a LG 55UH615A model at a pretty good price. I can't seem to find much info on this model (I think it is a 2016). Is there a comparable model you have already reviewed? It has an IPS panel, but says it has a "True Black Panel - An antiglare, low-reflection screen coating helps the TV to achieve superb black levels and a high contrast ratio for an exceptional Ultra HD picture". I am wondering if that would give it more contrast? I can't find any calibration settings either, which is why I asked if it is comparable to something you have already reviewed. Thanks! Your website is awesome.
It is indeed a 2016 model that we still haven't reviewed. The closest we reviewed so far is the UH7700 and the UH615A should somewhat offer a worse picture quality. Since it has an IPS panel we expect it to be in line with other IPS TVs that offer poor native contrast ratio but better viewing angle. The higher end UH7700 and UH8500 were the same. We will post our settings when we will release our review, probably in the summer.
I used to rep for LG last year. I know that these are new models, but they usually stay consistent. The LB7200 has a different frame than the LB7100. If you look close there is no border. It looks sleek. If they did the same as previous models then the screen will also have a glossy texture to it, which tends to make the picture look better.
Thanks for the info. We updated it.
Great site. I was at Costco looking at a LG 55LB6100 placed next to the Samsung UN55H6300. The Samsung UN55H7150 and Sony KDL60W630B were also placed very close. Amazingly, the LG LB6100 had far superior picture than any one of the other brands. The Samsung 6300 looked dull and flat, while the LG resembled the picture quality of a plasma with near perfect viewing angle, great blacks, & brilliant colors. Have they made a big improvement with this model? Keep up the great work!
The viewing angle is indeed great on that LG, but the other differences are probably just due to the different settings (as no TV in a retail store is calibrated properly). The lower contrast ratio on LG TVs can't be seen in a bright environment.
Are there any LCD IPS 39-inch panels from LG?
No. LG doesn't produce any 39" panels. For their 39" TVs, it buys VA panels from other manufacturers.
What is the best 32" HD Ready TV?
We picked the Samsung UN32H6350 as 2014's best 32" TV, thanks to, among other things, its great contrast, good smart features, and little motion blur. You can find our list of 2014's best 32" TVs here.
Are you planning a review of the LG 70LB7100? I wanted to know if I should go the LB7100 route vs the KDL70W850B for gaming and overall quality.
Unfortunately, we don't think we will have time to review that one.
Does the 47 inch lb6100 Costco model have an ips panel?
I have always purchased plasmas (Panasonic and Samsung) because I mostly watch sports and loved the clarity (vs. motion blur). Need a new set, but only plasma I can find is the lightly reviewed 60PB6900 (2014). In your opinion would that still be preferable for sports compared to a similarly sized LED?
Yes, just by virtue of the fact that it is a plasma TV, it will have less motion blur, better contrast, better uniformity, and a wider viewing angle. It's a much better picture, and particularly for sports, so you should go for it. It probably reflects a lot more lights though, so it isn't a good choice for a bright room.
Please let me know if you would be reviewing LG 49UF6700 4K TV? Its currently available in Target and will be on sale for black Friday. I am planning to buy this TV, it does not have SMART TV capability as per the specs. Please provide your suggestions.
We currently don't have plan to review this TV. You can expect it to have a wide viewing angle but sub par blacks and contrast, like most of the LG TVs.
Do you have any ballpark input lag number for the LG 49LB5500? It's available via mail in the US, and for a solid price. If the lag was similar to that of the LB5600, I'd surely buy it for that "twitch" gaming!
Usually, input lags of TVs of the same brand and same OS are the same (+/- 5 ms). So because it is an LG dumb TV like the LB5600, we expect the input lag to be very similar.
The LB5800 series came out with a 65" TV (LB5830). Is it safe to judge that TV based on the review you guys gave the LB5800's?
It depends. Look closely at the pixels. If they are shaped like our LB5800, then yes. But if they are rectangles, then no. The picture quality will be different.
Is the LG LB5200 65" a good TV for $800?
Unfortunately, we did not review that TV, so we don't know for sure how good it is. It's a budget TV, so you shouldn't expect top-notch quality.
Since it's an IPS TV, it has mediocre contrast, but retains its quality well at wide angles. If you plan on sitting directly in front of your TV and want better picture quality at a similar price, you should check out the 60" Vizio E-series. If you need the wide viewing angle, you should probably stick with the LB5200.
Any plans to review the UF9500? My use case dictates an IPS panel for acceptable wide angle viewing. Modern IPS sets with all the latest "bells and whistles" (wide color range, etc.) are getting harder and harder to come by.
Yes, we do plan to review it. We'll likely get to it sometime in the next month and a half.
Are you guys going to review the 2015 LG EG9600 OLED?
Unfortunately, we have no plan to review the EG9600 yet.
Update: The review is up.
Where's the LG EF9500? Every other site that's been updated has this as the end-all be-all best TV on the market right now. I'd love to know how it stacks up to the others for gaming in terms of response time and input lag. Thanks
Unfortunately, we don't have plans to review the EF9500 currently. If any indication, it should perform on par with the other OLED TV we reviewed, the LG EC9300.
Update: The review of the EF9500 is up.
Really enjoy the good information from this site. I was looking at the LG 49UF6430 that is offered for around $499 and was wondering if you have any reviews and or opinions of this particular model. Appreciate your time!
The review of the UF6400 should be posted within a week, which should be very similar to the LG 49UF6430. If you can't wait, check out our review of the UF6800. Our initial results are very similar to that TV.
Any plans to review the UF6800 series from LG?
No, not at the moment.
I'm thinking of purchasing the EC9300 LG OLED 1080p for $1,800 and I was wondering if it's worth spending $3,000 for the EF9500 OLED 4K?
We will know soon. Our review of the EF9500 should be published within 2 weeks.
Update: The review of the EF9500 is up.
Will the LG 65UF8600 be reviewed? I currently have the 65UF7700 and I'm looking to get a second 4K tv for the house. I'm currently eyeing the Samsung JS8500 but I'm already used to the LG Web OS 2.0 and if the LG UF8600 has fixed issues with black uniformity, input lag, and local dimming, I might stick with LG.
We don't have any plan for that one because we don't get a lot of requests for it. The picture quality will look very similarly to your UF7700 though, because it also has an IPS panel, which means poor blacks. The main difference is the wider color gamut feature.
Any plans to review the LG 50UF8300?
No. We're currently working on reviewing 2016 models, and unfortunately don't have time to revisit older models we did not review.
Is the LG UB8500 120hz or no?
It's likely that it is a 120 hz TV. Unfortunately, since we didn't test it, we can't be sure.
I have a chance to pick up an LG 55UB8500 for a great price. Do you know much about this TV? Unbiased reviews are hard to find.
Unfortunately, we have not reviewed that model. We expect its picture quality is similar to the UF7700, which means poor contrast, likely poor uniformity, and a screen that reflects a good deal of light.
It should have a good viewing angle though, so if you want that, or if the price is really great, it might be worth it.
Is there any significant difference between UF6450 and UF6800 series? Which one is better? Thank you.
Since we didn't reviewed the UF6450 we can't say which one is better. We expect them to have the same picture quality.
Costco is offering a 65 inch LG UF6490. I can't find any info on this model. Any idea?
Take a look at our review of the LG UF6400. It is probably a store variant of the same model.
Hi, I have a LG 49UF6490 but couldn't find review on this model anywhere including LG website themselves.
Some model numbers are unique to retailers, like it is the case for the 49UF6490 that is sold exclusively at Costco. Retailers do that so they can't be price-matched. This is basically the same TV as the UF6400 we reviewed but may still differ slightly. Our review of the UF6490 would still stay true for your TV.
I know it's a 2015 model on the way out, but I would still love to see a review of the LG UF8600. I want to see what has improved over the 8500 with its HDR capabilities.
Unfortunately, we don't have time to go back and review 2015 models we missed. We're fully committed to reviewing 2016 models now.
On the "Lineup" list for Sony and Samsung, I can see the column "backlight", but not on the LG "Lineup" list. Could you add it, if it is possible? Thank you.
Thank you for pointing this out, we will update the 'Lineup' list for LG.
Is there any update on the UH6550 series review and calibration settings?
We did not have time yet to review this TV. The review should be done and publish within a couple of months.
Some review sites refer to response time and mention that 2ms is a good response time for LED TVs. What exactly does response time affect when viewing content? Do you know what the response time is for an LG 47LA6210 vs an older LG42 LW4500? I have both and would like to compare.
The response time advertised is not the real one, unfortunately. That's why the manufacturer just stopped advertising them for TVs (although they still do for PC monitors). It is very hard to measure it accurately, and it depends on tons of factors. It represents the time it takes for a pixel to switch from one color to another. Technically, the lower the response time, the less motion blur a TV has. While it is useful in theory, in practice that number is made up, so don't look at this. It means nothing now.
Why no reviews of the UB TVs? We were corralled into (or we corralled ourselves into) buying an LG 65UB9200 because we couldn't afford the much-higher-rated Sony and Samsung 4Ks but still wanted to "future proof" ourselves to whatever limited extent today's 4K will do that. Are we idiots or just fools? :)
We prioritize reviews based on popularity of a model and demand for a review, and the UB TVs weren't high on the list last year. You're actually pretty safe with your TV, as it has an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2. That means it will work fine with upcoming 4k signals and newer devices. Some other 4k TVs do not support HDCP 2.2, and those are the ones that could have issues going forward.
Don't worry too much about reviews. All that should matter is whether you like your TV.
I have an older DVD player. Can I connect to the lg lb5600?
Yes. There are component and composite connections on the back of the TV, so you should have no trouble connecting the DVD player with the same cables you usually use.
Is there any 4K content available like Samsung has? I just bought the LG 60UF8500.
We list a few of the major 4k content providers here.
I have almost continually been pressing the "refresh" button on my browser for the past week or so. However, for some reason it has not made the appearance of your first OLED review appear any faster. Is my refresh button broken? :)
Don't throw out your computer just yet! Our first OLED review will be up by September 10.
When will the LG UF8500 series be reviewed?
By the beginning of next week.
When will you be reviewing the LG OLED line of TVs? There are comments going back to November 2014 asking for reviews, and Black Friday 2015 is a month away. I went to a Conn's store and saw an OLED next to the JS9000 Samsung I was dead set on buying this season. Now I'm seriously reconsidering, and might pick the LG 9700.
Get on the ball guys. Please, we need your expert advice on these really expensive purchases.
We'll have all the new OLED models reviewed within the next 2-3 weeks.
Where is the LG LF5400?
Unfortunately, we won't be reviewing that model. We don't expect it to be significantly different from the LG LF5500.
It would be nice if, on your lineup of LG's in particular, under "resolution" you would put "4K" (with quotes) under the resolution to denote the white subpixel "fake 4K" nonsense they're doing, so those series would be easy to spot. Can't tell you how many times when shopping around I've been faked out by these cheap ones and looked at all the other stats only to find out they're not really 4K.
That's a great idea! We will think about the best way to do this and implement it soon. At first glance, your suggestion (using quotes) is good.
You did not review LG's High end 4K Model which is LG65UF9500. Your reviews are awesome and really cool. Looking for UF9500 TV review.
We are still catching up with the amount of questions we received around Black Friday but the next review coming up is the one for the LG UF9500. Stay tune.
I'm thinking about purchasing the Best Buy exclusive LG 55" version of the Roku TV (or the 55" Insignia version). Any info on whether it's a good TV or not?
It lists the model number as 55LF5700. I can't find very much info on it. Which LG model is this comparable to, so I can find some reviews of it? I know that most high-end LG TVs are really good, but a lot of the low-end models (a category into which I'm sure this TV will fall) aren't so good. Would I be better off going with the Vizio 55" E-series? It will replace a 37" Vizio w/Roku stick.
I'm leaning toward a Roku TV, because I watch stuff like MLBTV and the NBC Sports app that I won't get with standard smart TV, but I don't want to do that if I'll suffer picture-wise (I could just hook my laptop to the TV if need be).
Unfortunately, since we haven't reviewed it, we can't say how good it is. It's likely pretty similar to the LF6100 and other low-end LG models, so yes, a Vizio E-series will likely be a better purchase.
If you want Roku content, your best bet would be to buy a separate Roku stick or box. It's pricier to do so, but the outcome will be getting the features you want on a TV with better picture.
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