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Nearly all TVs on the market are smart TVs. But some TVs have far better smart features than others, integrating motion and voice control with dozens of apps to make your TV a nice little entertainment hub. Others are limited to arrow keys and a handful of apps. That’s why, to help those interested in getting the best smart experience possible, we’ve reviewed and compared the best smart TV platforms offered by major manufacturers. For recommendations for TVs themselves, take a look at our list of the best TVs for overall picture quality.

What is a smart TV?

Simply put, a smart TV is a TV that can connect to the internet. Some have web browsers built in, and most have access to apps that let the TVs access popular services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus.

Keep in mind that these features, even at their best, tend to be inferior to dedicated devices like Roku boxes, Fire sticks, or Apple TV. Smart TVs’ integrated smart functions are often buggy and slow compared to stand-alone solutions.

Whether or not you want your TV to have apps, nearly all TVs released in 2015 are smart TVs. Only entry-level TVs with poor picture quality have no smart functionality at all. If you want a good TV, you’ll need to get a smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV 2015

Samsung Smart TV

8.0Web Browser
9.0Extra Features
Smart TV OS Remote Our Reviews
J5200 Tizen Basic See review
J5500 Tizen Basic See review
J6200 Tizen (2014) Basic See review
J6300 Tizen Basic See review
JU6400 Tizen Basic See review
JU6500 Tizen Basic See review
JU6700 Tizen Smart See review
JU7100 Tizen Smart See review
JU7500 Tizen Smart See review
JS7000 Tizen Basic See review
JS8500 Tizen Smart See review
JS9000 Tizen Smart See review
JS9500 Tizen Smart See review
K6250 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KU6300 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KU6500 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KU6600 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KU7000 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KU7500 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KS8000 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KS8500 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KS9000 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
KS9500 Tizen (2016) Smart See review
Q7F Tizen (2017) Smart See review

Samsung’s smart offerings took a bit of a step back this year. There are fewer apps now that the platform has moved to the Tizen OS, but on the whole, the OS feels familiar and fairly intuitive to use.

The remote is sleek and works very well, though the lack of buttons could make finding your way around tricky at first. Samsung’s navigation guides (found in the menus) are useful in figuring out how to get around with voice and motion control.

The browser is pretty quick, even if it was not able to handle all the HTML 5 tests we ran it through. An LG TV, by comparison, handled those just fine.

Right now Samsung has a good, but not stellar, smart system, though that should improve with time.  For reviews of picture quality, check out our reviews of Samsung’s 2015 lineup.

See our full review of Samsung’s 2015 smart TV platform

Sony’s Android TV 2015

Sony Smart TV

7.0Web Browser
8.0Extra Features
Smart TV OS Remote Our Reviews
R510C Basic Basic See review
W800C Android Basic See review
W850C Android Basic See review
X810C Android Basic See review
X830C Android Basic See review
X850C Android Smart See review
X900C Android Smart See review
X930C Android Smart See review
W600D Basic Basic See review
W650D Basic Basic See review
W630B Android Basic See review
X700D Android Basic See review
X750D Android Basic See review
X800D Android TV Basic See review
X850D Android Basic See review
X930D Android Basic See review
X900E Android TV Basic See review

Sony’s Android TV interface is nice and clean, and the apps that are present work well. Unfortunately, the selection is still pretty limited, though most of the popular apps are now available.

The included remote isn’t very good, and the touchpad remote is also pretty poor. For most people, the TV Sideview app for iOS and Android will likely be the best way to control and navigate the TV. You also get Google cast functionality, which is pretty useful.

You have a couple of different options for browsing the web on this TV, including Opera and Google Chrome,

If you want an attractive smart OS and don’t mind the relatively few apps, a Sony smart TV is a good choice. For more on Sony's various TVs, check out our reviews of Sony’s 2015 lineup.

See our full review of Sony’s 2015 smart TV platform

LG WebOS 2.0 2015

LG Smart TV

8.0Web Browser
6.0Extra Features
Smart TV OS Remote Our Reviews
EC9300 WebOS Smart See review
LF5800 Basic Basic See review
LF6100 Basic Basic See review
LF6300 WebOS Smart See review
UF6400 WebOS Basic See review
UF6800 WebOS Smart See review
UF7600 WebOS Smart See review
UF7700 WebOS Smart See review
UF8500 WebOS Smart See review
UF9500 WebOS Smart See review
EG9100 WebOS Smart See review
EF9500 WebOS Smart See review
EG9600 WebOS Smart See review
LH5700 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
LH5750 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH5500 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH6100 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH6150 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH6500 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH6550 WebOS 3.0 Basic See review
UH7700 WebOS 3.0 Smart See review
UH8500 WebOS Smart See review
UH9500 WebOS 3.0 Smart See review
B6 WebOS 3.0 Smart See review
C6 WebOS 3.0 Smart See review
E6 WebOS 3.0 Smart See review

LG’s WebOS smart platform continues to impress, with a gorgeous interface and great motion and voice-enabled remote.

The browser is a bit slow, though it did pass the Peacekeeper HTML 5 test, which Samsung’s did not. It also now has more apps than Samsung’s smart TVs (but we expect that this will change with time).

If you don’t have complex needs and want an attractive, functional interface, LG’s is the one to beat.

For reviews of LG TVs’ picture quality, please see our reviews of LG's 2015 LED TVs.

See our full review of LG’s 2015 smart TV platform

Vizio Smart TV 2015

Vizio Smart TV

0Web Browser
5.0Extra Features
Smart TV OS Remote Our Reviews
P Series Basic QWERTY See review
E Series 2015 Basic Basic See review
M Series 2015 Basic QWERTY See review
D Series 1080p 2016 Basic Basic See review
D Series 4k 2016 Basic Basic See review
E Series 1080p 2016 SmartCast Basic See review
E Series 4k 2016 SmartCast Basic See review
M Series 2016 SmartCast Tablet See review
P Series 2016 SmartCast Tablet See review

Vizio’s smart TV platform is pretty limited. It’s fine for accessing the basics – things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or YouTube – but there’s not much selection beyond that.

The remote doesn’t have advanced features like motion control or voice input, but the M and P-series remotes do have a QWERTY keyboard on the back. All the Vizio remotes do have buttons for launching Netflix, Amazon Instant, and iHeart Radio, which let you skip the app launcher and get directly into those three apps.

They’re nothing fancy, and you won’t be blown away by the amount of things you can do, but Vizio’s smart features get the job done. For the picture quality of Vizio’s TVs, take a look at our full coverage of Vizio's 2015 lineup.

See our full review of Vizio’s 2015 smart TV platform

Which apps are on a Smart TV?

Not all television brands have the same applications and functionalities; it varies a lot. Some brands, like LG, have a full third party app store where you can even buy games from independent developers. Others come with only a limited set of official apps. You do not necessarily need a lot of applications, but make sure the ones that you are planning to use (like Netflix) are there.

  Apps Web Browser
Samsung Samsung Tizen Apps (Currently 270 [1080p] & 282 [4k] apps; full list here) Yes
LG LG WebOS Apps (Currently 412 apps, full list here) Yes
Sony Android TV Apps (Currently 92 apps) Yes
Vizio Yahoo Connect TV Apps (currently 105 apps) No


Here is a table comparing the main apps across all smart TV platforms, including Apple TV and Roku. This is not the full list, so if you want an app not listed here, go check out the official lists linked above (if available).

Table Last Updated: 11/25/2015. If you see any error, email us at errors@rtings.com.

Is a Smart TV better than a standalone box?

Standalone boxes offer a few advantages compared to a smart television. For example, you can play games on an Xbox or PS4 console, and Roku and Apple TV are more stable than the built-in smart OSes.

Still, while an independent device will always be better than an all-in-one, it might be overkill to purchase one. A smart television is more than enough if you only want to watch Netflix movies.


Samsung and LG are leading the pack in term of smart TV features. Vizio has the most basic platform, although the most common apps are there. Keep in mind that the software is still young on all smart TVs, which means some apps are buggy and not user friendly.

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Questions & Answers

Can I connect my Apple iPad to a Samsung Smart TV?
It depends what you mean by that. There is an iOS app, called "Samsung SmartView," which will allow you to control your Samsung TV. If you want to mirror your iPad or iPhone screen via AirPlay, you'll need to pick up an Apple TV. You can find those at Best Buy, Apple stores, or other electronics retailers.
Why are flash players not supported on smart televisions? I ask because we tried watching shows on myabc.com but it said "This device doesn't support Adobe flash player," which is needed to watch the shows.
It depends on which brand of smart TV. Some do support flash. LG's WebOS, on the other hand, doesn't.
Can I get rid of cable if all I want are the local channels? Will I need an antenna or a converter box? I have a Samsung Smart TV.
If all you want to watch is broadcasted local channels, yes you can get rid of cable. You will need an antenna, but do not need a converter box. Converter boxes are for old, analog-only televisions. Check out this for the list of available channels in your area.
I do not plan on buying cable for my new place, but do plan on purchasing a Smart TV. With that, I understand I must purchase Internet. If Netflix is already programmed in the TV, do I still have to purchase Internet AND pay for a Netflix subscription?
Yes, you need Internet + a Netflix subscription + a player (in your case, this will be the smart TV).
My Vizio smart TV did not come with a QWERTY keyboard remote. It just came with a basic remote. Can I use a basic wireless keyboard with it? It's really annoying trying to use the onscreen keyboard.
It depends on the model. Not all Vizio Smart TVs come with Bluetooth, but all of them support a wireless USB keyboard.
Do smart TVs make good computer (Mac) monitors?
All TVs can make a good computer monitor, smart TV or not. The only requirement is that they have an HDMI or DVI input.
How can I surf the web on my Vizio LCD smart TV?
You can't. Vizio models don't have a full web browser, even in 2014.
Which brands support Adobe Flash player?
Sony and Samsung. But keep in mind that future updates won't necessarily be supported.
As a 21st century consumer, I am concerned about privacy. Do smart TVs come with built-in cameras and microphones?
It depends, but with top models, yes. They have a visual cue to let you know when they are recording, though. For example, with Samsung, the camera pops out from the top of the screen.
I have a 60" Vizio Smart TV. Is there any way I can give it Bluetooth capabilities? I ask is because of the following scenario: I want my Samsung Bluetooth Wireless sound bar and subwoofer to pair wirelessly to my Vizio Smart TV. Is there a way to do this? I am currently using a Y cable to connect the two.
If your TV doesn't have Bluetooth built-in, then no, or at least not easily. If you really want it though, there are some aux/digital audio to Bluetooth transmitter which could work.
I cannot watch Amazon Prime videos with my Hisense Smart TV, why?
The web browser in a television like HiSense doesn't support every website. More importantly, your TV's browser doesn't support Adobe Flash, which is what Amazon uses to play in a browser. Also, Amazon has not yet released a standalone app for HiSense Smart TVs.
Is there any risk of virus on the smart TVs if you go to a website and download or watch something?
No. A Smart TV is even more closed than a smartphone, so there isn't any virus that exists which can get installed on it.
Is it better to buy a TV that has built in wi-fi, or one that is wi-fi ready and needs a dongle to connect through your wireless?
It doesn't matter, but most TVs now have built in wi-fi anyway.
I do not have internet at home. If I buy a Smart TV, will I be able to use it without an internet connection? A shop said they had to take one customer's TV back to update it before returning it to the customer.
If you do not have an internet connection at home, you will not be able to use Smart TV features; your TV will only behave like a normal TV. You can update the firmware without an internet connection though, via a USB key. Go to the manufacturer's website and put the new firmware on your USB key, then plug it in your TV. The TV should have an option to update itself from a USB key.
We just bought a Samsung smart TV and we do not know how to type in the website that we want to search, because we do not know if it requires a keyboard plugged to the back. Does the remote have any features that would enable us to do the search?
The TV doesn't require a computer keyboard, but using one makes it easier to navigate the menus. You can still use the on-screen keyboard, but it is harder to use.
I have a Vizio smart TV. How can I surf the regular web? I have a modem with an AT&T hard line. Do I need any other devices to surf the web?
You cannot browse the web with only a Vizio TV. You will need to plug into another device, like a Google TV, or a computer.
I am so far behind on the new TVs, but now it is time for me to catch up to the rest of the world. My projection TV has finally run its course and I am now on the market for a new TV. This may be a dumb question, but bear with me, since I know nothing about Smart TVs. From what I gather from some of the questions above, if I purchase a Smart TV that has WiFi capability, I will no longer need the cable box/DVR I have for my "dumb TV" through AT&T Uverse?
It depends on what content you watch. A smart TV does not replace all the content available through traditional cable. Most shows can't be found on services like Netflix or Hulu, so you will have to verify that the things you want to watch won't be missing if you decide to cut the cable.
Do you have to have an antenna to watch local channels?
Yes, but it is easy to make your own from a coat hanger (Google it to find good designs).
Can my WiFi-connected smart TV give internet to my Xbox?
No, a WiFi Smart TV cannot give internet to an Xbox. Even if a TV has both WiFi and a Ethernet port, it cannot serve as a router and it can't give internet to a device via the Ethernet port.
I plan on purchasing a new TV and want to surf the internet with the browser. What type of television or television plus gadget do I need to do it efficiently? I would like to use a wireless keyboard for efficiency.
If you plan on surfing the web often on a smart TV, you definitely need to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse. This is supported on most (but not all) smart TVs. Some higher-end TVs come with a fancy remote. While this is better than navigating with a standard remote, it is nowhere near as good as the mouse/keyboard combo.
Do a smart TV features require extra fees, or are they free?
It depends on which app. Some are free, some aren't, and some require a subscription (like Netflix).
I have a Samsung Smart TV. The place in which it is situated has not got WiFi. What do I need to do to connect the TV?
Either connect it via an Ethernet cable or buy a WiFi router.
I have a Sony Bravia smart TV. Can I use Apple TV on it, or is it necessary to buy an Apple TV so I could use smart functions like browsing the net?
I am not sure I understand your question. You can use the Sony smart TV features without buying an AppleTV. You can also buy one and use it with your TV (or any TV for that matter).
I have a lot of digital content on my laptop's iTunes (music, videos, etc). Could I get it all into a smart TV smoothly, or do I need an Apple TV for that? I mean: would I be wasting my money buying an Apple TV + a Smart TV?
You are better off using an Apple TV. It is possible without it, but it is less straightforward. iTunes does not have a DLNA server feature, so you would need to download a separate server application to have your media streamed to your Smart TV.
I am shopping for new TVs and had a question. What is the advantage of getting a smart TV over getting a Google TV set-top box and connecting it to a dumb TV? It's a lot cheaper to get a dumb TV and a set-top box over a smart TV, so I was wondering if there is any advantage. Also, if you have a smart TV, can you connect a set-top Google TV to it for enhanced functionality? How does the WiFi from my DVD player (I have a DVD player with WiFi access), my Google TV box, and a Smart TV merge together?
Besides having one less box to worry about, there is no real advantage to a smart TV compared to a dumb TV + a smart box. On that subject, though, do not forget that the manufacturers put the Smart TV functionality in their best TVs, so you kinda indirectly get better picture quality. Yes, you can use a Google TV box on a smart TV. The WiFi won't merge; they are just separate devices. You will have to choose which one will display on the screen.
Best Buy recently advertised a Samsung UN60JS8000FXZA on sale witch I presume to be a step down from the JS8500. Do you know anything about this new version? It is $1900 at Best Buy.
You can see the specifications here. It is very similar and has a few omissions like 3D, 20 watts speakers firing down vs 40w speakers firing to the front and a change in design (it is thicker). We don't have plan to review this one but we would expect it to have a similar picture quality to the JU7100, but with a wider color gamut.
Can you access more apps on a Roku box than a Samsung TV?
A Samsung TV has way more apps, but Roku has some apps that are not found on a Samsung Smart TV. You can find the full list of Roku's apps (called channels) here.
I am in the market for a new TV. I currently have cable with DVR. I will only watch TV on it, but I want to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu. I have a laptop that I could connect to the new TV. What is the most efficient and least expensive way for me to go?
The least expensive way is definitely to get a dumb TV and connect your laptop to it. If you don't want to plug in your laptop each time, you can also buy a Chromecast for about $30. It is very limited, but it does support Netflix and Hulu.
I just bought my LG Smart TV and I can't watch any of the news that require Adobe Flash player. What do I need to do?
You just can't watch those sites. LG's WebOS doesn't support Flash-based websites.
How will I know if my Smart TV has built in WiFi?
Check the specifications. Nearly all 2013 models have built in WiFi now.
How can I take full advantage of my Smart TV's potential? I have satellite internet.
You will need to connect your Smart TV to the internet. To do this, you will need to have a router. Depending on your actual TV model, you will either need to connect to it via WiFi, or via an Ethernet cable. Once this is done, you should be able to go to your Smart TV menus and access the Smart functions.
I have a 2012 Panasonic Viera hooked up to the internet via Belkin router. The icons on the TV (Netflix, Twitter, etc) don't highlight when you toggle over them. Any thoughts as to why that may be? How might I fix the problem?
It looks like it couldn't connect to the internet. Is it connected via Ethernet or Wifi? If Wifi, make sure you entered the correct password. Additionally, you can verify if the router actually sees your TV by logging in to your router (for Belkin, it is usually
Wireless internet signal is weak in my girl cave. I can barely access my iPad. I just purchased (yet to be delivered) an LG Smart TV with WiFi. Could this take the place of a Netgear or Belkin router so that I can use my iPad?
No. Smart TVs cannot act as a wireless router. You should get a WiFi repeater to increase the signal strength.
We have an LG Smart TV, Apple TV, Wii, CD player and cable box. How can we plug the Wii in, as all the cable spots are taken?
You will need a small device called an HDMI splitter, which will select which HDMI input to display based on which one is powered on.
Can I let someone use my WiFi password so they can use their Smart TV, and will they be able to order movies and such?
Do any of the smart tvs have built in DVR?
Not in the US, but some models overseas do.
I bought the Toshiba Smart TV, as it was a good price. Is it still possible to buy an Apple TV and use that with the Smart TV to have more options? Also it gets 'stuck' - the remote is awful to use. Could that be my internet connection, or the TV?
Yes, you can even use an Apple TV on a dumb TV, in the same way you can use an Xbox with any TV. As for your problem, it lies with the TV. Smart TV apps, mostly on TVs with limited options like Toshiba, are not very stable, and are quite buggy. The Apple TV is much more stable.
What is the best wireless keyboard and mouse to use with Samsung Smart TVs for web browsing?
Any Bluetooth keyboard/mouse will do (assuming your Samsung Smart TV does have Bluetooth support). It is more a matter of personal preference regarding the size/weight that you want.
If I buy a Smart TV, do I have to connect to the internet? I just want to watch TV on it, but I do want 120Hz for sports.
Yes, you need the internet if you want to use those features. There is no video source of 120fps for sports (or TV for that matter). The best is 60i, but you can turn on motion interpolation on your TV if you want it to be converted to 120.
I plan on buying a smart TV for my parents. They do have Internet and a WiFi network. They also both have smartphones that they like watching videos on. Would they be able to stream or connect to a smart TV from their phones and how does that work?
It depends what phones they have and which TV. If they have iPhones, they need an Apple TV. For Android, it depends which model, because there isn't any standard way to do it.
I connect to the internet through a 4g wireless USB. Do I need to buy any other device to connect a Smart TV with built-in WiFi to the net?
You cannot connect a Smart TV via a 4G USB receiver. You will need to use a 4G-Wifi router, but verify with your internet provider to make sure they support the use of such a device.
We would like to purchase a smart TV for our RV. We really want to access news and sports. Is this possible?
If you have internet in your RV, then yes. However, not all news and sports channels are available.
I have no internet. What is the cheapest way to get a smart TV working?
You do need internet; there is no way around it.
What is the purpose of having a smart TV when you can have an Apple TV?
Not much, unless there is some extra functionality that you want, like Skype. They do about the same thing.
I have a very weak internet signal as I live out in the sticks. Will a smart TV work properly with a weak signal?
By weak signal, do you mean a slow internet connection or a weak WiFi signal? A slow connection could be a problem, because streaming video requires quite a bit of speed. If you mean a weak WiFi signal, you can just buy a repeater or connect it via an Ethernet cable.
I need a TV that has Bluetooth and WiFi built and that takes a keyboard and mouse, so I can surf the web. Does such a TV exist?
Yes, but few TVs have Bluetooth. Nearly all TVs accept USB wireless keyboard/mouse, though.
I have a LG 3D TV (non Smart) and want to buy an LG 3D Smart Blu-ray player. Will I be able to access the internet via the player, or must the TV be smart too?
Unlike 3D, the television does not need to be Smart if you want to use a Smart Blu-ray player. Just make sure that a web browser is available on the Smart player that you want to buy.
I am thinking of buying a Smart TV. I don't have a media player or DVD player at home. Would it be better to buy a "dumb" TV and a media player than to buy a Smart TV that wouldn't let me play DVDs and Blu-ray discs?
Yes, a dumb TV + media player is a great combo. There are also many Smart Blu-ray players that offer the same functionality as a smart TV.
I purchased a Vizio smart TV and I want to access the new Red Box subscription, but I can't figure it out. Can I do this?
No, at the moment this is not possible on a Vizio smart TV alone.
Are there any Bluetooth keyboards made that work with the Sharp LC-90LE675U?
(I am assuming that you made a typo and you mean the Sharp LC 90LE657U). Yes, 99% of the Bluetooth keyboards will work with it (you do not need to get one from Sharp).
What is the difference when some devices say smart TV and others only say WiFi?
Some TVs don't have apps, but can still connect to a DLNA server on your network to stream content.
What operating system does the TV use? And is there storage available for downloading and using XBMC?
Most smart TV manufactures use their own custom OS. For example, LG bought WebOS to put them on their TVs. You can't really change the OS on them.
Can I transmit from a smart DVD player to a smart TV through the use of their WiFi capabilities?
Can a smart Blu-ray player (or any Blu-ray player for that matter) work with an old-style tube TV? I want to upgrade TVs at some point, but for now this is all I have. My regular DVD player is broken and I was going to buy a Blu-ray to replace it with.
Yes, but verify that the Blu-ray player outputs the good connection for your TV, because your TV doesn't accept HDMI.
You have the Roku in your chart, but no review of the Roku LCD TV (Sharp/TCL) on the site? Any plans to review it?
It's not the most popular model, which is why we haven't reviewed it yet. We don't have any plans to look at it yet, but we'll consider it if we see demand is high enough.
Is it possible that some Smart TVs don't have a WiFi connection or Ethernet port?
No, they all at least have an Ethernet port.
I just bought a Vizio Smart TV. My question is, how do I tape programs without the use of cable or a VCR player? I was using cable but wish to discontinue this service.
You can't do so using the Vizio Smart TV features. You will need to buy a third party device for that.
I am thinking of getting a smart 3D television. Could you please tell me which extras I have to buy with it, such as NOW TV, NETFLIX, etc? I subscribe to Sky - do i need to carry on with Sky, or just retain a basic package?
It all depends on what you want to watch. You will never get as many channels if you cut cable, but it might be enough for you. A good place to start is with Netflix only (+ internet connection) and to add from there.
Why do I have a split screen (side by side) when trying to watch 3D movies from my cable provider? It is a Samsung TV.
You need to tell the TV what type of 3D it is receiving. Press the 3D button on the remote and select Side-By-Side.
If I have a smart TV, are YouTube videos free?
Assuming you have an internet connection, yes.
I use the internet by plugging mobile phone into my PC and sharing the connection. Can I also do this on a smart TV?
Most likely not. TVs only accept an internet connection via WiFi or an Ethernet cable. They cannot access internet via USB (which is probably how your phone works). However, if you really want to, you could plug your phone into your computer and then your computer into the TV via Ethernet. You will just need to set the computer to act as a router.
I have a Philips smart TV that depends on the manufacturer's server availability. When the server goes down, if I press the smart TV key it shows a message like "Server not found. Try later." My question is, does another smart TV brand have this same dependency?
It is the first time that we have heard of such an issue, so it is probably not common (although we have not tested any Philips TVs yet).
Buying a 50"-60" smart TV to replace an old model. I want to access photo files from my desktop, so any smart TV should do that, right? I need Adobe flash player, so your info says LG is not an option. I want to surf the web. Is Vizio still not an option? Apparently, I should look for a deal on Samsung, unless something has changed. Thanks!
Every smart TV can access pictures from your PC, but you need to enable DLNA on your PC. You can't surf the web on Vizio TVs. Indeed, Samsung is your best choice, but Sony TVs should also support your needs (although they are slower and more difficult to use).
What TVs can I connect an iPod, iPad, iPhone ect, on? Can I connect a Samsung phone on a Samsung tv?
Ideally, you will want an Apple TV for the full compatibility with iOS devices (you can even mirror your full screen with this). Most recent Samsung phones should work on a Samsung TV.
I have a smart TV and am considering buying an Apple TV. One apple employee told me I should definitely do it, because then all the billing for Netflix, etc. is through iTunes. Another employee didn't know what the advantage would be having of Apple TV with a smart TV. What do you think?
Don't do it just for Netflix, because you can already do that. The main advantage of the Apple TV vs a smart TV is to access the iTunes database of movies/music as well as interactions with Apple devices (like iPhone or iPad). If you do not own any Apple devices or do not plan on using iTunes, it is not worth it.
I have a Vizio TV and a Vizio streaming box, but no internet. Will the box still work?
No, it needs internet for most of its features.
I am thinking about buying a smart TV in order to use Netflix and Hulu apps. Do I need a box of some kind? I have WiFi internet already.
If you have WiFi with internet then you are good to go.
I have a Linux server with MediTomb as the back end streamer. Is the Sony W850B or Samsung's H7150 and H6350 able to connect and play my local video content?
Yes, they all support UPnP (although we haven't tried it).
I am planning to buy a Samsung smart TV. My internet service is from Verizon DSL. I have a modem connected to my telephone. Will I be able to use the smart TV capability? If not, what is the better way to go? I want to use the wireless connection mainly for streaming (Netflix, Hulu etc.)
You need to have a wireless router. Your Verizon modem might have a wireless router built-in already. Call Verizon to verify.
I am looking to purchase a Samsung smart TV. In the event I find its streaming capabilities are inadequate, will an aftermarket streaming device such as a roku integrate with the internal device, or will there be compatibility issues?
No compatibility issues at all. Roku works via HDMI, so it is compatible with every TV.
I am now using a dumb TV with a converter box and I plan to buy a Samsung smart TV, sized 46" or larger. Will I be able to get more channels on the smart TV than I'm getting with the dumb TV and converter box? I do have broadband internet.
Not really, but you could subscribe to Netflix if you want to stream TV shows and movies.
My condo association requires that we pay for cable. It comes through a cable box supplied by the company. I want to buy a smart TV because I need a new tv anyway to watch Netflix and so on. Since I am still paying for cable anyway, will I be able to use the cable box with my smart TV just like 'normal' for the channels the cable company offers?
Of course. A smart TV is just like any normal TV.
I have a Sony smart TV and also have Apple TV. When I try to watch Netflix on the Sony, it constantly "hangs up" and needs to be restarted. I do not experience the same problem when using Apple TV, which is connected to the Sony. Both use the same wireless internet connection. Why is there a difference in how well Netflix works on the two devices?
It is because of different software. Apps on smart TVs are always more buggy than third party devices like the Apple TV.
My internet is supplied by my cellular service provider through a mobile hotspot. Is there any way that the hotspot can be used to connect my smart TV to the internet so I can use the apps on the TV? Or should I just use the hotspot for my laptop and connect to the TV using an HDMI cable?
You can do both.
I just bought a Samsung smart TV but I have no Internet at my house. Can I get the local channels with an antenna and will the smart remote for the tv work?
Yes, over-the-air (OTA) channels work. The smart remote will also work, but it is a bit useless because all of the apps require an internet connection.
I have an LG smart TV. It is connected to our WiFi service at work, allowing us to access the internet. However, when we access the CNBC website in order to stream live, the speed is so slow we can't get to even sign on. Is there a way to fix without having to install a cable provider on site?
Do you have similarly slow streaming with your work computers? Are those connected to WiFi, or by Ethernet? This sounds more like a network problem than one caused by the TV. Running a wired connection from the router to the TV would probably help get it working better.
This is just information/suggestion.
My family wants to "cut the cord" but we still want to have some TV guide for OTA local broadcast channels. Some TV's give you the TVguide for the local channels, some do not.
Here is what I found out by buying the TV and testing if it can decode the data frames(i.e TV guide) over the air.
The LG tv will do that if it is smart, like the LH57, but not the LH53 which is not smart. But even with the smart WebOS, you have to tune to every station before you request the TVguide, otherwise stations that have not been visited will show no data in the TVguide.
The Samsung tvs will show you the TV guide, without the viewer having to visit each station, but it will show the hourglass icon, making the viewer wait 3-4 seconds on stations that have video but not data frames(no scheduling for that station). Both LG and Samsung tvs process the data frames over the air signals and do not need any connection to the web to display the guide.
The Sony tvs are completely different. They require that you have your tv connected to the web. Even the new x700d, x750d, x800d do it this way. However, the guide shows much more information. Besides giving you the description for a show/event/movie(like LG, Samsung) you also get actor names, show guests, life history, and if you click on a name, you will get other shows/movies/events associated with that name. It will even show faces. This is nice to have all that info but requires that your router is always on before you press the GUIDE button on the remote control. I called Sony support and asked what web site does the androidOS goes to get all this data, but they would not say. I suspect it might be the imdb site.
Anyway, my small suggestion is if you could add to the TV reviews/ratings the information about the TV being capable of showing the TVguide or not, and if that is yes, then which method is being used: OTA or web access.


The previous statement I made a few weeks ago, was incomplete. My evaluatiin is about 2016 tvs only. First, in the LG tvs. If the tv is smart, then the TVguide feature is there. The tv guide data will be populated, if each channel is visited, otherwise the guide screen is empty. But even if the guide is up and shows no data, simply surfing up or down, the guide gets populated on each press of the up or down button. The tv guide allows the viewer to set or cancel automatic reminders. The Samsung tvs do it in two different ways. If the user visits the channels, then the tvguide screen is populated, otherwise the viewer will wait about 3 seconds for the guide data to be shown without surfing up or down, and surfing up or down is blocked temporarily for those 3 seconds. So the Samsung tvs will eventually show the viewer the data, without the user having to visit the channels but blocking occurs in these tvs, compared to LG tvs where there is no blocking but the viewer has to surf up or down. Like the LG tv, the tv guide allows you to set or cancel automatic reminders. For both the LG and Samsung tvs, the tvguide data do not include date for the event(i.e year of movie released) or names of people playing in that event or personal history of the actors. Also, for both the LG and Samsung tvs, the tvguide is a true OTA( Over The Air) guide, meaning the tvguide feature does not need a connection to the internet, instead the tv parses/extracts the tvguide data from the OTA antenna signal. The Sony smart tvs may or may not have the tvguide feature. For the Sony android tvs, the tvguide feature is there, when the viewer presses the GUIDE button on the remote. For other Sony non-android tvs , but still smart tvs, the tvguide feature is missing and the GUIDE button on the remote is replaced by the WIDE button, which sets the aspect ratio. In the case of the android smart Sony tvs, the tvguide button only works when the tv is connected to the internet. In that case, the viewer does not have to wait or visit any channels at all, for the tvguide data to be displayed. The tvguide does not allow the viewer to set any automatic reminders. The tvguide shows not only the basic description of the event(like LG,Samsung), but also date of event originally released, names and personal history of actors. The assumption made here is that the Sony tvguide gets its data from imdb site and maybe wiki site. Last thing that the Sony android tv guide does is allow the viewer to combine the OTA tvguide channels with channels coming from smart apps, like BloombergTV app, pluto app, haystackTV app ,... So as an example, if the viewer downloads the bloombergTV app from the google app store, the tvguide will detect that the bloomberg app is a live TV channel, and it will ask the viewer if they want the bloomberg live tv channel to be added to the OTA tvguide. This tvguide feature was tested extensively and works well with live tv apps, except the pluto app which freezes the tv. So in the case of pluto, the viewer should not combine the 134 live tv channels of the pluto app with the OTA tvguide, instead the pluto app should be accessed directly and not thru the OTA tvguide. The OTA tvguide works similar to the "Live Channels" app in the google play store which also freezes the tv, if combined with pluto.
Thank you for sharing this info to us. It is very interesting. You are right, we don’t really cover this in our reviews. We will add it to our todo list, however we might not get soon to it.
Is there any way to plug my HTC One X smartphone into my Vizio 60 inch smart TV to view the internet?
The HTC One X supports MHL, so just buy an MHL cable and it should work.
I have a smart TV, model 40S51U. I have Comcast Internet, both wireless and a land line. I have connected the TV via wireless and tried playing Netflix (have a subscription) but it did not work. Then, I connected the TV to the land line Comcast cable, I played a movie on Netflix but the TV kept re-buffering. Is it possible that the speed of the Internet provided by Comcast is not strong enough? Or is the TV not operating properly?
Your TV is fine. It is most likely that your internet speed is not fast enough.
Can I get rid of my cable box and just navigate through the Smart TV menu to find my cable channels?
No. If you subscribe to a streaming service (like Netflix), you will find some of your shows, but not all of them.
Will a Samsung smart TV work when plugged in via Ethernet or connected to WiFi? I want a TV in my child's room that will just have Netflix but not cable or local TV. Thanks!
I have a Vizio M 70," but only the basic remote. I want to log in to Amazon prime. Do I need to get a QWERTY remote, or can I use my iPad?
You can use the normal remote. It just takes more time to enter text because you have to use the arrows.
Wanting to put a TV in my toddler's room. We have xfinity Comcast cable/internet throughout the house and a WiFi network, too. We really didn't want to find the land line of cable in his room and run it to his TV, which will be mounted on the wall. (A lot of work we don't want to do) Can I purchase a smart TV and watch our cable through it?
No, you can't do it via a smart TV.
If I have internet, a subscription to Netflix, and I get a Vizio smart TV with WiFi, can I get rid of my DirecTV if I'm only interested in streaming things on Netflix?
I am buying a Smart TV soon. I have a 4 year old dumb TV in the basement with Dish Network programming. I want to get rid of Dish. Can I connect the dumb TV to my new Smart TV for programming or will I have to maintain a satellite?
No, and a smart TV isn't a full replacement for Dish.
I have a Sony smart DVD player. Is it compatible with a Panasonic smart TV? The Panasonic series number is AS520.
It should be compatible, provided you have the right cables to connect the two.
What is a good 50 inch smart TV w/DVD Player? Thanks.
That kind of combo does not exist, so your best bet would be to buy a smart TV and a separate DVD or Blu-ray player.
Samsung does not support Flash on its smart TVs. I have had a 55" 3D WiFi model for a few years and could never update the version of Flash it came with. There was a firmware update, but that did nothing for updating Flash. They told me the same thing they told everyone else: they did not know when or if anything would be released to remedy this issue, and there is no alternative, software or otherwise, to bypass this issue. It seems all manufacturers installed Flash v10 and never considered upgrading it, or thought that Flash and websites would never be upgraded, or BOTH. This makes the already cumbersome browser basically useless.
Thanks for sharing your experience with this. Adobe is the company that would need to release a compatible version of flash, and it seems they aren't interested in doing so. This year's Samsung TVs are also currently incapable of playing Flash content.
Not a question, but for people to have info before buying. No update for the smart TV's Flash capabilities. This is from the support.
Roswell: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
Berry: adobe flash needs updated ....how and were to get it
Roswell: I understand that you are looking to update the adobe flash player.
Berry: yes plz
Roswell: On which device you are looking to update the flash player?
Berry: 1 sec plz
Roswell: Go ahead.
Berry: smart tv samsung mode or s/n number do you need
Roswell: I am sorry, the flash player and TV default browser cannot be updated to latest version.
Berry: why
Roswell: They are both default features on TV which will have no updates.
Berry: what os is the tv using?
Roswell: We cannot assist you the details without the model code of the TV;however, TV comes with Samsung proprietary OS.
Berry: will the new smart tv's have the updates on it? or be able to update?
Roswell: No, it is the same with all Samsung TVs.
Berry: why
Roswell: Samsung TVs will come basic version of the flash player, you can access only few sites which are supported to the flash player version of the TV, the Web browser has limitations.
Berry: have a good day
This is a typical limitation, but thank you for confirming that this is the case again this year.
Is there anyway to get the same apps available on an android smartphone on either a dumb TV with a Roku or on a Smart TV? I can get more free TV episodes with my android phone apps/Google Play Store than I can with my Roku (MTV and CBS shows without a full access subscription).
You might be able to by purchasing an Android TV box (available here). Just keep in mind that not all Android apps are available for Android TV, so you should make sure that the specific apps or services you're looking to use are supported.
I have a smart Samsung 6350 TV and want to buy a Blu Ray DVD player to replace my broken player. What's the best DVD to consider given this set-up?
Since we don't review bluray players we haven't tried many but the Samsung BD-J5900 is a good no frills option.
Fantastic site! Your detailed analyses and comparisons have been very helpful. I'm trying to decide between the 55" Vizio M Series 2016 and the 55" Sony X810C. I don't want to spend more than $900 on a TV at this point especially since I still have to get a wall mount or TV stand/table and a budget sound bar (the sound bar I'm looking at is a Samsung 2.1 HW-K360/ZA). The TV will be mainly for Blu-ray movies, and streaming content from services like Netflix, Flixter and VUDU and the occasional new Nintendo Classic NES family game night. The room will be dim to dark; viewing distance about 8 feet. I am leaning toward the Vizio based on what you've said on this site but I'm uncertain about the SmartCast feature. It seems streaming content is already more extensive and additions could be made more easily with Vizio through Google Cast but do you know if there are any real issues/problems with casting or the included tablet? Also, with the Vizio, given the sub-par upscaling of lower resolution content (like my relatively small DVD collection), does the content at least look better than it would have on my current, regular, non-HD TV especially considering I will also be getting a Blu-ray player? Anyway, ultimately which would you recommend?
Go with the Sony X810C. The Android TV smart interface is more complete and stable than the Vizio SmartCast. Also, the Sony upscaling engine is one of the best out there and do a much better job than the Vizio with lower resolution content like DVDs. Finally, the Sony is also cheaper than the Vizio at the moment.
Is there a smart TV DVD player combo 40-50 out there?
We are not aware of any 'Smart TV' DVD combo and usually those combos are reserved for smaller TV size. But we don't really recommend buying any TV/DVD combo since those TVs are usually of poor quality. You are often better buying a better TV and just add a cheap DVD player.
Does the large number of apps available on smart TVs mean I can ditch my cable?
Very unlikely, unless you watch very little cable. The amount of content isn't yet up to par with cable.
Can I record Xbox 360 Gameplay with any of the Smart TVs?
No, there is no recording feature in any smart TV as of today. You will need to buy a separate recording unit.
I have an LG Smart TV and want to start downloading and watching downloaded TV series and movies. Am I better off getting Apple TV or Netflix? I also have an iPad and an iPhone.
It really depends on where you want to get your content. Apple TV is really great if you want to access the iTunes content database. Netflix has another business model (subscription based instead of a la carte). Netflix is cheaper if you plan on watching a lot of stuff, but the selection is not as wide as with iTunes.
I'm in need of a new TV and would prefer to purchase a dumb TV (due to privacy issues) and connect a smart Blu-ray player for Netflix and Hulu. Which is the best LED dumb TV and best Blu-ray player to purchase?
Only low-end TVs do not include smart functionality. You will not get great picture quality from them. If you are worried about privacy, just don't connect the smart TV to WiFi. But doesn't connecting a smart Blu-ray player go against your privacy stance? They have essentially the same software as is found on the TVs.
I have a Vizio smart TV. It doesn't have apps for HBO Go or Showtime. Will a Roku work with my TV, so I will be able to get more apps?
Can you watch cable TV shows on a smart TV and or with the Amazon smart stick?
It depends which shows and which service you are using. You will most likely need to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Video. But even those services don't have every TV show.
Will 1.5 Mbits DSL internet be fast enough to stream on a 40" Samsung smart TV?
No, streaming HD requires at least 3 Mbits.
I have a Panasonic TV with a Sony Blu-ray player for my internet connection. I used it to watch webcast videos, but now I cannot access them. What changed, and how do I restore the capability?
We've seen a few complaints recently that say Sony smart devices have lost functionality, mostly about apps that have disappeared or stopped working. To try to fix this, you could try resetting your Blu-ray player to factory default settings. This will delete all of your saved preferences and settings, so make sure you take note of any that you want to continue using. Once the reset is complete, try watching your stream like you normally do.
If that doesn't work, you should contact Sony support directly for their assistance.
Can I run Adobe Flash content on my new LG 55UB9500 using my iPad and Apple TV running AirPlay?
Apple devices do not support Flash, so you won't be able to use those. Connecting a PC via HDMI would be the simplest way to enjoy Flash content on your TV.
What about 2015 Sony TVs with Android providing smart functionality, like the x850C?
Those TVs have not yet been released, so we haven't had a chance to review their smart capabilities. The 2015 Sony line launches toward the end of May, so we'll have something on the smart features shortly after that.
Pandora is on the LG.
Great. We've added it to the list. Thanks for letting us know about the addition.
We currently have a dumb Sony Bravia TV and use a combination Wii box and verizon router to access Netflix. It is often difficult to access Netflix or we get bumped out of a Netflix show in the middle of watching. Would a smart TV alleviate this problem?
It depends on what is going wrong with your setup. If the issue is with the Wii, then using a different device (like a smart TV) to access Netflix might help. If the problem is with your internet connection itself (do you have issues on other devices?), then a smart TV won't help.
If it turns out the Wii is the problem, you might want to purchase a streaming device (Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku box, etc) instead of a new TV. It will be cheaper, and the smart features are stabler than the ones in smart TVs.
I have an LG smart TV at the office in a large 35th floor building and was wondering if we can get Internet through a LAN line? If so, how could that be done?
Yes, you could. Just run an Ethernet cable from your TV to your router and you'll be all set.
My smart TV does not have web surfing capability how can I get it to surf the web?
If your smart TV doesn't have this capability you will need to use an external device. If you have a video game console chances are that it may be able to browse the internet. You can also connect a computer to your TV and use a wireless keyboard. And then there is some Android boxes that will give you that functionality but are usually more complex to use.
I have a Samsung LCD TV and a Sony Bravia LED TV. What equipment do I need to record programs directly from one of my TVs or directly from my DirecTV HD receiver?
You'll need to get a DVR. The DirecTV Genie is one option, and there are many other DVRs available, too.
I called 5 TV companies and no Smart TVs support flash player. Why did someone say it depends on the TV company if they support flash player or not? Tell me the Smart TV that has flash player.
It depends because sometimes a TV launches with Flash support, but loses it. This happens when Flash is updated and there is no update made to the TV's Flash capabilities. Of the TVs we reviewed this year, none can play Flash.
I love the specs of the Samsung JS8500 and your review has been pushing me to that TV. But I was really hoping for a 60" screen, as that would be the perfect size for my room. I saw that Best Buy has this JS8000 in 60", and noticed that your reply to another question was that it lacks 3D and has worse sound, which is fine with me, as I don't need either. But is the picture quality really more like the JU7100? If that's the case, would the smaller JS8500 have any better picture at 10' away?
We can't really tell since we haven't reviewed one yet. But according to this, it does have an inferior panel. If you care more about the picture quality than size, the JS8500 is probably a better buy.
I am dropping cable for Direct TV. In packaging the TV and internet, what should I be checking on to ensure high quality? I saw an answer here for internet speed. What is the minimum speed required?
Any HD package will be fine for TV. For internet, 5 megabits per second is enough to watch HD streaming on a smart TV. If you have a 4k TV or plan to buy one, you will need 25 megabits per second to be able to stream 4k content.
Time to purchase a new TV. I plan to buy at least a 50- 55". I have an iPad and iPhone, but do not use iTunes on them. I only use an iPad for surfing (so far). We watch local channels, cable TV, surf Internet and watch movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. We have internet through our cable provider, with a DVR box. What would be the best option for us: a smart TV or a regular HDTV with Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV?
Too many choices and not sure what would be the best option.
Nowadays, only TVs with poor picture quality have no smart features at all, so get a smart TV and decide later if you also want to supplement with a streaming device. If you want to be able to mirror your iPad's screen to the TV, you should get an Apple TV.
It's best to get the largest TV you can fit and afford, so our recommendation for you now is to take a look at our list of the best 55" TVs, which you can find here. That should help you narrow down your picks to something you'll like.
I'm in the market for a second TV for a room without cable. There is WiFi in home, will I be able to get some channels from a Samsung smart TV via WiFi.
Yes you could, but you will need to subscribe video streaming service. Some are free, but the majority will need a paid subscription.
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