AKG Headphones 2016

We have currently reviewed 7 headphones from AKG. They're a well-trusted brand that typically focuses on great audio reproduction and mid-to-high-end open headphones. We have a few models planned for review throughout the year, and we will continue to update you on any new headphones that we test.


  • 09/27/2016 AKG K240 MKII reviewed
  • 09/01/2016 AKG K701 reviewed
  • 08/29/2016 AKG K44 reviewed
  • 06/27/2016 AKG K712 PRO reviewed
  • 06/22/2016 AKG K702 reviewed
  • 02/26/2016 AKG K391-NC reviewed
  • 02/26/2016 AKG K490-NC reviewed

Compared to other brands

  • Great open-back models: AKG has a lot of open back models that are ideal for critical listening. They are typically comfortable headphones with a well balanced and spacious sound at a relatively affordable price compared to the competition.
  • Above-average sound quality: Most of the AKG headphones closed or open-back tend to score well on our sound tests. They're not the stylish-looking or well-built headphones, but they more often than not deliver in the sound department.
  • Mediocre noise isolation: AKG does have a few standout headphones that isolate well, but overall, they don't manufacture a lot of noise-canceling headphones, and the cheaper models do not block ambient noise as well as the competition.  
  • Lack of diversity: AKG has a decent line up for most use cases, but do not have as many varied options as some other brands, especially, for sports-oriented headphones.

Overall, AKG is a well-trusted brand when it comes to delivering high-quality audio in a comfortable design. They're relatively affordable, especially, considering the level of audio fidelity they deliver, but they don't offer as many varied options for their headphone selection. While we have yet to test AKG's full line-up, their choices are a little scarce notably for noise canceling and sports headphones.

AKG's Lineup – Series Description

AKG is known for making good critical listening headphones. They have a few popular models in their line-up, and most fall under the K series, which covers both open and closed-back headphones. They don't have as many varied options as some the other brands, but we also haven't tested the full scope of their line-up yet

  • K = Open or closed headphones designed to deliver great and balanced audio quality.
  • K-NC = Closed-back headphones that isolate well in loud environments.
  • N = The premium line-up consisting of various types of the high-end headphones.
  • Y = Affordable, mostly closed, in-ear headphones for casual use.

For example:

  • AKG K701 = Comfortable and excellent-sounding critical listening headphones but not very versatile.
  • AKG K391-NC = Good commuting headphones with great isolation. Suitable for loud environments 

Reviewed Models

These are all the AKG headphones we have reviewed so far and some that we plan on reviewing soon. Below is a brief summary of how the models, within each series, stack up against each other. 

K Series


A high-end, closed-back wireless headphone with AKG's signature sound quality and a comfortable yet slightly bulky design.

K712 PRO
AKG K712 PRO Design

The Pro edition of the open K series. They sound almost identical to the K702 but comes with more accessories for studio use.

AKG K702 Design

The updated version of the K701 which has a detachable cable but a marginally weaker bass. However, they still sound amazingly well-balanced, and the bass quality is barely differentiable even for the most critical of listeners.

AKG K701 Design

The iconic open-back model from AKG. They have an outstanding sound quality and a comfortable fit but do not have a detachable cable, which makes them slightly less durable.

AKG K240 MKII Design

A more affordable semi-open design that delivers in the sound department but isn't as well built as the higher-end models of the series.

AKG K44 Design

A budget closed-back option that offers a decent sound but feels a bit fragile and cheap.


AKG K490-NC Design

A stylish looking on-ear headphone with decent isolation and an above average sound. However, they lack a little bass. 

AKG K391-NC Design

A simple to use in-ear headphone with noise cancellation. They're one of the most isolating in-ear headphones we have reviewed, and they deliver a decently balanced sound.

N Series


A unique headphone design that aims to deliver the best, adaptive noise isolation available on the market. They look luxuriously well-made, but they're also very expensive.


A premium in-ear model with an ear hook design. The high-end dynamic and balanced armature drivers guarantee an excellent audio reproduction.

Y series


A simple and budget-friendly in-ear headphone with a decent sound and a portable design.


AKG is a well-known brand which offers, affordable headphones that deliver in the sound department.  Their iconic open-back models outperform the competition, but they're not as sturdily built. They also don't have the widest variety of headphone options, especially, for sports or loud environments but even their budget models produce a well-balanced sound that will satisfy most listeners.

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